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Becoming Whole - The Food Chapter EBook


From my experience and knowledge as a former restaurant owner, mother and holistic health coach, I have lovingly put together this ebook to share over 60 pages of recipes, wellness tips, encouragement and inspiration in the hope that it will help you kickstart your own health journey and inspire you to become more intentional about what you put onto your plate. With over 20 recipes including inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to forget some delicious healthy alternatives to satisfy your chocolate cravings, this is a wonderful resource to have if you would like to become more mindful about the way you eat.

"I'm all about finding natural ways and recipes that work with our bodies and not against it and Johanna does a brilliant job with this ebook. I love her natural approach of 'working with your body's needs' and how it goes beyond the food on your plate. She not only uses food to fuel her body, but believes 'the food that goes into our body is the foundation of self care and becoming whole'. - Sheena Billingham - Holistic Health Coach

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