Thank you for supporting my creative journey.


Artist Statement


I paint to process the journey of self discovery that I have been on since becoming a mother. For me the process of painting is like writing down all my thoughts in a diary and taking a big breathe of fresh air as creativity starts to flow and slowly the world around me slips away. I paint to describe the peeling back of layers that I went through as I worked towards reconnecting with my authentic self. This is why my paintings are full of colours, contrasting shapes and uses of paint, and often my paintings have parts which are unfinished, representing a 'women in process', forever going deeper as the light gets brighter. I find the world a very chaotic and noisy place, but it goes quiet when I paint and I can tune in to my own thoughts and process them. It has been a long journey to get to this chapter and creating art is truly my passion, I am now truly dedicated to learning to give into the creative process, in the hope that my art will continue to grow with me as I grow as a woman.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for supporting my creative journey!