Yvadney Davis

Kid's Stylist & Founder of Mums That Slay

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Londoner, wife, mum of 2, freelance Kids fashion stylist and Founder of Mums That Slay.

Born and raised in London, studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, 6 months as a design assistant in NY, helped me see why I didn't want to be a fashion designer. So, ended up working in PR for years. It was fun to begin with, but lacked the creativity I needed. Started styling test shoots for fun on the weekends and used a move to Vancouver, Canada to commit to fashion styling professionally. I styled music videos, TV commercials, look books and editorials before becoming a mum. I had my son out in Canada _ amazing maternity service, which meant amazing birth.

Moved back to the UK when he was a couple of months old, and switched between freelance styling, PR and the Daily Mirror. My last PR job was Christmas PR manager at Selfridges where I got pregnant with my daughter. I have been kids fashion styling ever since including Little London, Babiekins, Living Etc I love working with children. I consider myself pretty lucky, as they bring so much light and energy into the day even if it does get stressful - never work with kids or animals!!! :)

As for mums that slay, that was a hashtag I started last year when I felt I had transitioned into the stage of motherhood where it is not all about your kids, but you start fitting into the equation too. It's a celebration of self care, style and beauty - and an all inclusive buffet of mums from all races, walks of life, shapes and sizes, stages of motherhood and styles. I feel #Instamum has a very homogenous identity when there are so many interesting and wonderful women with just as much validity.

I love the Mums That Slay crew community for the inspiration, honesty and encouragement. It's very democratic. I don't care about the amount of followers someone has, just whether they look great and love to support those accounts with smaller numbers. It's about encouraging individuality, confidence and expression


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