Victoria Lowry

Founder of Mezaya Baby

I am Victoria, the founder of British brand Mezaya Baby. We make contemporary baby slings and wraps that help you retain a sense of self AND ones that help you multitask as a parent (how valuable are those free hands!). I wholeheartedly believe experiencing the world together, cuddled up cosy and safe helps bring you closer both physically and emotionally to the babies in your life.

After my daughter was born, something major shifted and I knew that I wanted to find a way of working that allowed me the privilege of working from home, on my own terms and around my family life. I wanted to create a brand and business that was ethical, consciously shared my values and that would contribute positively to the world around me - also and one that was fun to do! Motherhood was my complete inspiration for starting Mezaya Baby.

Our carriers are hand made in the Devon countryside, England where I now live with my husband and two children.

My past careers has been varied, but always self-employed or freelance. Pre children I had a London based career as a professional modern ballet dancer, which involved lots of travel and touring around the world. I then moved into teaching and coaching students and choreographing freelance for dancewear brand photo-shoots - all whilst opening up and running a health and wellbeing centre (which I still operate).

The work/ family balance is a constant juggle but now I have two beautiful babies and the brand is growing with us - I am so excited to see where I can take it!

You can follow my journey over at @mezayababysling xx


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