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Inspired by a free-spirited childhood romping across the Scottish countryside, sketchbook and pencils in hand, it was no surprise that Tracey would end up in design. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in fashion & textiles, Tracey went on to complete a Masters Degree at St Martin's College of Art & Design, emerging in the early 90's alongside the likes of Stella McCartney and AlexanderMcQueen.

A stand out degree show led to a job offer and she spent the first years of her early career learning her craft, working for some amazingly technical knitwear factories in the UK, Hong Kong and Italy, earning her' knit-geek' badge of honour.

Tracey went on to work in Paris for international designers such as Sonia Rykiel and had a great lifestyle hot-footing it between her seaside home in Brighton and her cute Parisian flat in Montparnasse. Starting a family made Tracey re-evaluate her lifestyle and yearn for a mor

e stable creative life. Inspired by the arrival of daughter, Alice-Bee, Bonnie baby was born in a back bedroom in 2005. Ten years later, as her children grew, Bonnie baby became The bonnie mob.

Tracey's design DNA always features colour and texture; the nostalgia of her childhood infused with a quirky, playful twist. Having being immersed in high-end fashion, the quality, durability and attention to detail of her designs was always a given. Add her comprehensive address book of trusted suppliers into the mix and the recipe for success was complete.

When not at the helm of The bonnie mob Tracey can be found relaxing on Brighton beach, enjoying family life beside the seaside, messing about on the water with Alice, Rhys and sailing-mad husband Gareth, or scouring boutiques and the web for her trademark statement necklaces (the latest favourite is a wooden sabre-toothed Tiger).


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