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The Crafter's Box was built for those that love to make. My story started a couple of years ago... I am a maker at heart and I see the incredible value of nourishing that part of my soul. If I could spend every Saturday morning entranced in a project I would be in heaven! When I was working in the corporate world and spending all extra hours raising my three little ones (now 6, 4 and 2), one of the first *extras* for me to back burner was my time spent making. It wasn't always that I couldn't find the spare 3 hours on that Saturday morning - it was the challenge of hunting down the right tools and materials to create what I had envisioned, materials that often times a neighborhood hobby store simply wouldn't carry... let alone the decision paralysis that would happen if I did dare visit the craft store/bead store/leather store with kids in tow! Gah! It gives me anxiety thinking about it even though my children are the most well-behaved, patient, easy going children on this planet ;) (insert all the emojis here). In addition to materials it also became more and more difficult to have the time to figure out how to 'start' on learning a new crafting technique. There weren't always the right workshops offered in my hometown and I didn't always know which online blog tutorial to rely on... in the end, rather than reach outside of my creative boundaries to experiment it felt easier to live within them and to keep on making in the same ways I had been for years. I lost the desire to creatively explore because it was just too much work.

The Crafter's Box was built to help alleviate all of these road bumps for those of us who believe in and embrace the creative soul and recognize the important of making. I began to imagine up a business that helped to solve these problems by bringing it all together. I knew that it would be answering a need in the marketplace for both the crafter (like me) and the expert artists who would have the opportunity to extend their workshop offerings to all four corners of the earth (and ultimately to their entire audience). It made my dreams come true when I reached out to artists and learned that my suspicious were correct - and it was the start of a business.

In essence, The Crafter's Box was designed to support the art & process of making - because so many of us thrive off of building, shaping, creating with our hands, but struggle to carve out the time to find the right resources (materials, classes) or to take the leap of jumping in. Crafting + carefully sourced tools & materials + a step-by-step digital workshop from an artisan maker + a supportive online community to create a finished project for ourselves or our home. The goal is to build creative skills (and a curated toolbox) to create again and again.

I love that! I love the mission and purpose of the company and I feel like the luckiest lady to get to build it every day.


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