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My journey started after my first child was born, a move out of London and a period of time out of the workplace. Shortly after my second child was born I became so aware of the challenges in engaging with work again alongside caring for my children. I remember thinking I so desperately needed to use my brain and engage with the wider world, what a loss to society and business that we can't pool this knowledge and wisdom together. So on a mission to find a new way of working for myself that enabled me to care for the children and in the hours I had, starting with an hour or so and then growing as school started, I could focus on my dreams, my skills. And what I discovered I could, but it took a different kind of thinking - a new way. A way that combined wellness with work and passion with purpose. If someone had said to me back then that I would now be the author of my first book I would honestly have never have believed them, but now I look back to my very early years this was very much a tucked away ambition.

So I set up Beyond The School Run, the place to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them. The website now has a strong community of parents, providing regular communication via it's social media pages, website and newsletter. My book 'A New Way for Mothers', publishes August 2017, providing inspiration, encouragement and a step by step approach for every mothers wishing to engage her talents during the hours available to her. The book also has strategies and tips for all aspects of life - from finding the right type of work to supporting your health - to help mothers find purpose and balance through he crucial preschool years and beyond.

I'd love you to join me and all the others on this exciting journey, together we can make the greatest difference to our lives and the lives of others...


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