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After ten years of working in the photography industry on photoshoots for celebrities and high-profile models, launching two companies in brand and celebrity PR, as well as a model portfolio agency; FayAndrea Photography was born in 2013, the day after meeting my business partner Andrea for the first time; we just instantly connected. Our photographic style has since evolved and we now target a niche market of parents and couples looking for editorial-style photography of their families and weddings, allowing us to establish a great presence in the young model market and wedding photography sector. Andrea and I equally share a passion for work and encouraging female independence, but we also agree family has, and always will be our priority and main focus.

I am a Stay-At-Home-Working-Mum and Wife that sacrifices my personal time to juggle motherhood, marriage and business. Come September I will be a Mother of two under two, and whilst apprehensive for the challenges in store, I can honestly say, there is no bigger blessing than being a Mum and the joy children bring to your life. Whilst my ultimate goal is to have a happy family, I also want to be recognised as a Mum who is there 100% for her children, despite maintaining a career I have worked hard to achieve. My hope is that one day when Havana Maggie- my 19 month-old Daughter and best friend- is a woman herself, she will say, 'I'm proud of my Mum', because she appreciates how hard I have worked to ensure I can be there every day to watch her grow, and in return she will aspire to do the same for her family. In a scary World that is more superficial than ever, I believe it is pivotal for us as Mothers to ensure our children are aware of what is really important in achieving success; and not to just measure your achievements by wealth or good looks.

FayAndrea is Andrea and I's example to our Husbands and children that as women we can work together, empower one another and create something, which not only allows us to provide for our families financially, but also gives us an identity outside of Motherhood. This in itself is reflective of modern life and the great opportunities available to women, which if we are prepared to work for means we can have and do it all.


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