Esme Tuersley

Founder of Anamoly

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Anamoly a children's lifestyle brand offering Wallpaper, Fabric, Homewares and Accessories, our range celebrates a care free aesthetic, brought to you through joyful items for the home. Our designs follow a story of fun, fresh, original style.

Design and created in the UK, by Designer and Founder Esme. Esme's has worked in Fashion with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Burberry and Jo Malone, and her experience candidly lends itself to Anamoly's development.

Anamoly is a forward thinking company, and we design our products as sustainable, and consciously sourced as possible. We only partner with organisations that share the same values as we do.
We aspire to continue expanding the range and develop Anamoly into a lifestyle brand. Providing individual, quality and eclectic items for our customer.

`After this podcast was recorded Anamoly, went on to win Best New Brand at the tradeshow Dot To Dot London'


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