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I'm a 36 year old mum to 2 kids, Finn (4) and Violet (1) and I live with my husband in Stoke Newington, London. I recently left my 12 year fashion buying career to make my own path and work more flexibly around my children. I run a kids and mums fashion & lifestyle blog called Finlay Fox and am now also working with Olive Loves Alfie (an iconic kids clothes store) on the website and events side of their business.

I've always loved clothes, style and fashion and studied Fashion & Textiles at A-levels and did a Fashion Marketing Degree at University. I love how clothes can make you feel and how influential other people are in making you want to buy them! I worked for Boden as a womenswear buyer for 10 years, a job I loved and was sad to say goodbye to but the travelling, long hours and the long daily commute were just not going to work with two children in the mix! Becoming a mum has changed my life (for the better of course!) and it was time to make sure I could be there for them and have some kind of better work /life balance. With my son starting school this September it was inevitable that a 9-5 was not going to work for me any more.

I started the blog in 2015 as a forum for documenting some cool kids brands I was finding that were a break from the traditional pink for girls blue for boys. I found myself searching for clothes that were a bit different, more unisex and unique to the main stream that I wanted to share. Named after my son Finlay (Finn), the blog was always a space to share my motherhood journey, as honestly as I could, as I found having a baby such a shock and change that it was a good way to document it and help others. I don't want to be pigeon holed as a mummy blogger and hope my blog feels modern, helpful and insightful, plus it may make you open your purse!

I love to collaborate and after running a series of sell out 'mama meets' at Olive Loves Alfie last summer I have now joined forces as website partner with them and recently relaunched their website and continue to help organise their events. I can work flexibly around my kids but am still finding the transition from office to working at home a big change and challenge.

Motherhood is empowering and an ever-changing journey, we are all looking for the right and wrong - I think we can all take comfort in the fact there is no right or wrong, you form your own path and don't take judgement to heart. Juggling career, life and motherhood is full on but the new wave of honesty, flexible working options, support and community out there is comforting and I'm enjoying this welcome shift and what it means to be a modern mother.


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