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My name is Anna Lewis and I am a writer/illustrator from Cornwall.

I have worked in a variety of creative jobs before becoming a writer/illustrator, including advertising, teaching and even painting and decorating!

However the arrival of my three nieces re-awakened a passion for illustration and storytelling and I wrote and illustrated a book for them. This led to me forging a path in the world of children's books and my first published book with Caterpillar books. Working with a real publisher is hugely exciting and a very rewarding process, which I hope to continue, but it is also very important to me to keep my own personal work alive.

The arrival of my own baby was all consuming but after a while a new and exciting project started to emerge, 'sketchy muma', which I am now focusing on as I am a full-time mum. After becoming a mum I worried my creativity may stall but actually as my daughter grows I have never felt so creatively free and alive, playing by our own rules in a natural and uninhibited way. I hope this shows in my new work.

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