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MumLife Australia's Lead-Mama, PANDA Community Champion & Mum of Two

I still remember those first frightening moments after bringing my newborn baby home from hospital. Everything felt so new and unfamiliar. And everywhere I looked, I was faced with images of Perfect Mum. From Instagram to Mother's Group – It seemed like there was a competition for that elusive title!

And as a strong, successful and independent woman, those images of Perfect Mum shaped my entire expectations of motherhood.

So there I stood, a new and overwhelmed mum, on the slippery slope of mummy self-doubt. Every little decision seeming momentous and fraught with anxiety. When my baby cried, unable to be comforted, my feelings of helplessness and overwhelm made me question e-v- e-r- y-t- h-i- n-g.

And when she didn't take to breastfeeding, I felt an immense amount of guilt.

'Would she be less intelligent? Would she be less successful? Would she be less happy? Would it be ALL MY FAULT?'

It wasn't until I reached breaking point that I finally let go of my need to be perfect. And as soon as I accepted things as they were, other mums around me began to open up and share their difficulties as well.

Now a mum to two gorgeous girls (I know, I'm bias), I love watching their (cheeky but mostly kind) personalities grow into their own individual characters. Yes, life can still be a roll coaster at times, but with realistic expectations and greater preperation, the second time around has been an entirely different experience.

These are the resources and the support I wish were available when I was a first-time mum.


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