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It all started with a dream. Dreams "the bunny" that is. I was approaching maternity leave with our youngest daughter Harlow (now 23 months) and I had decided to give myself one single thing during this time. That was mental time, space in my head to think. I bought our then unborn daughter a stuffed animal bunny and called it dreams to be reminded every day what my focus was. She, together with her older sister Freya, are my dreams and for them I had to figure this one out. I want to show our daughters what we can achieve in a lifetime, and that there are many different ways to live your life.

I wanted to spend more time with them and the time I spent away from them or working with them by my side had to be meaningful. I had for many years lived with the preconceived idea that in order to help others you have to make a lot of money and then you can really make a difference. However, during my many hours of book reading (if you need a good reading tip please let me know) I came across the book "Start something that matters" by Blake MyCoskie. To give for every product that you sell- that is just magical.

Both me and my husband used to be elite athletes (swimming & rugby) so making a product in that category was just natural, and to do anything but the best possible way for the environment was out of question. One day on my way home from the gym I picked up my water bottle and thought "there must be a better way to do this and we will find it". It didn't take much to get my husband in on it all and we had started Yuhme. And things started to fall into place. I have an affinity to water, we were well aware of the impact the lack of water has in some of the most impoverished countries in the world. Particularly children in Africa, but we also wanted to do something that was environmentally friendly. Because there is no point to give with one hand but contribute to another problem (global warming), with the other. There we had it "the world's most eco-friendly reusable water bottle with a purpose". It is made out of sugarcane, which is CO2 negative and for each bottle we sell we give 6 months of clean water to a person in Central African Republic via our partner Water for Good. It has taken us about one full year from idea to finished product. A lot of soul searching before that, and now two months after the launch of our web shop the work continuously keeps growing.

It has been a very challenging time but the most rewarding time of my life. In today's society, we are constantly fed with information that life should look a certain way, but when you start peeling off the layers the truth says otherwise. Every day, good or bad we focus on the purpose. We have the absolute privilege to provide clean water to those who need it. Without clean water, there is no life.

When that purpose is found, the daily struggles become less important. Like a wise professor once said "we can truly accomplish anything if we use our time wisely". Focus on what truly matters and life will have a way to be that much brighter and fulfilling.


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