When Life Gets Heavy

When the world feels heavy shed your skin, shed the pain and suffering.

"Not so easy!", I hear you say.

"OK so let's try another way".

People will tell you to forget, they will tell you to move on, they will tell you to ignore and to just keep keeping on.

But, the things that hurt us most and the things that weigh us down are the things that make us who we are and that makes you second to none. For the burden you carry in your heart will be the thing that sets your soul free, it will be the making of you and your very unique art.

Put down that load, make your world lighter, be you now, tomorrow or after tomorrow the world will be that bit brighter.

Creative hearts will hurt the most and the journey will be longer, as we search to find the colours, words, our way as we wander through all those feelings, emotions and whys. Whys, why, oh just why?

Forget, move on, just keep keeping on.

But, you can't forget the things that make you feel this way, you can't ignore the waves that come crashing and make you sway.

I'm not new to this, it's been a while, this is not my wise, I just want you to know that I can hear your cries... I'm just that person who cares, the one who gets it and wants nothing more than to hold your hand and make sure you know that you can stand.

I know that pain, I know the dark, the feelings as you question yourself and how it feels when the world looks so stark.

I can't take it away, I can't promise to make it better, but I'll do what I know how and I've tried to put it all in this letter.

When life gets heavy, don't forget, don't move on and please don't just keep keeping on. When life gets heavy, fall to the floor, don't move, stay on all fours. Stay very still, be quiet as that fucking mouse and you'll hear it, you'll hear your roar. Don't keep on, don't forget, don't ignore and don't turn a page, you'll miss the part of the story where you find out how to channel that rage.

When life gets heavy, make your world small. Reign in the sprawl, take time to work on your ALL, for the burdens that you carry are not what makes you fall, it's the extra stuff, all that stuff, that makes it tough, that makes you stall. Clear the slate, get rid of the clutter, give yourself time to pull yourself out of that god damn gutter.

Forget, move on, just keep keeping on.

Don't do that, let me hold your hand while you learn to redo you. You can't run away from pain like this, you can't just dismiss it and hope that it won't bite back. It will come back in waves, so strong and powerful that your breathe will be taken and your scars awakened.

The pain doesn't go, you have to let it transform, you have to let go of the rest and give time to create. You have to stay still, you have to say I'm ready, you have to let creativity help make life less heavy.

You are someone's whole world, you are a mother and a wife, you are a friend and an influencer and a step mum to those mice. I'd love to help you speed the process, I'd love to help make the pain go away, but I know that this is all I can do. Hold your hand, send this message whilst your soul works out how to create its art from all that lies in your heart.

People will tell you to forget, they will tell you to move on, they will tell you to ignore and to just keep keeping on.

The heart carries love, but the soul hides untouched ready when you are to soar in like a dove, raising a white flag when push comes to shove. You didn't ask for any of this, you didn't ask for your heart to be broken. You didn't ask for your choices to be taken or for your world to be so dreadfully shaken.

I hope this has brought you some light, I hope that your world feels less heavy, I hope that tomorrow will be brighter and your load a little lighter.

You are not alone and you will survive, you may be falling now but trust me you will rise. Oh how you will rise!

Forget, move on, just keep keeping on.

Stronger than before your soul will sing, your voice will gather and your roar will string all those stories, all that heart ache, all that pain and suffering.

Your jots will be joined and your creations will appear, the world will look different and you will no longer live in fear.

Be kind, and most of all be patient and let yourself be still, for the compassion you are seeking for is now seeking you.

Clearer days are up ahead, the fog will clear again, your heart will reopen and your soul will sing your majestic song again. Don't feel like you have to be anything, just do what's right for you, do what makes you feel the way you want to.

When life gets heavy, share your load, string those words together, your creativity will help you heal, this is not a test, it's life at its worst, its life at its meanest, but you will rise, you will conquer, you will again see life at its best.

Clearer days are up ahead, you will see those blue skies again, you will laugh, you will love and please promise you will continue to go against the grain...


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