The Colour of Love

They say that all we need is love. I've often questioned that. They say love is everything. I've never understood that. They said love hurts, and now I know why.

From the first cry everything changes. The first domino is pushed on a story that will unfold second by second, minute by minute, day by day, year by year. Your love will never be the same again and yet it will expand with such vastness, more than you ever imagined, because love, love is everything.

From the first cry, your hearts will surrender and you will both unknowingly commit yourselves to a deeper love, a deeper level of emotion that will fill you up and empty you at the same time. At times it will take your breathe away, at times it will bring you to your knees with more pain than you think you can handle, but with the whisper of a word, one soft word, a knowing smile, a gentle touch, it will bring you warmth, pure joy and reassure you that love is the thing that will not only break you, but it will also piece you back together, keep you together.

They say love everything, because love is in everything, the light and the dark, happiness and sadness, because love is why we feel it all, it's complicated, and love is the reason why.

They say love is blind, but true love sees every colour of the rainbow, it's the brightest white light you will ever see made up of every single emotion, because love is in everything and is everywhere.

Children feel and love so freely, pure emotions, like a child's rudimentary painting palette: red, yellow, blue, love, anger, happiness, sadness. As we grow through life, emotions get more complicated, our colour palettes grow, mix, merge the colours become tainted. Blue and yellow make green, feelings of happiness for another, combined with sadness for ourselves can lead to jealously. Red and blue make purple, love and sadness make heartache…

Love is everything, because it is in all our emotions, it is the reason why we feel.

From the first cry, you can feel that subtle shift, a pledge between two hearts that know love is bigger that you could ever imagine. You don't know what's coming, but you know that change is ahead and you know that your love will be so different, unbreakable and so so fragile at the same time.

They say love hurts and now I know why.

From the first cry the river that runs between two hearts, now diverges and meanders through unknown territory, it's stronger, deeper and more volatile than ever before, because this kind of love is powerful, persistent and ever lasting and at the same time so tender and delicate.

They say love is everything because it is all we need and it's all we need because it's our why, it's why we do all that we do, it's our purpose, it's passion, it's home, love is not red roses and dinner dates.

True love is connection, it's laying your heart open bare, it's leaving yourself vulnerable to another. True love is acceptance for another's wholeness, it's seeing all their colours, it's seeing them as a unfinished masterpiece and accepting them for who they are right now.

They say love hurts and now I know why.

From the first cry, tears of love flow, full of every colour of the rainbow, pure love flows and you know that love will never be the same again.

Love is everything, because love doesn't have a colour, pure love is all colours, it is every emotion, because it's the reason why we feel, it's the reason why we are and it's the reason why love can hurt. But love is what connects us, love is life, love is what makes us feel alive. It's our reason for living.

From the first cry everything changed, my love for you changed, love changed. We connected on a level we never knew existed and disconnected on levels that we had previously only known. Love is what brought us together, that love is still in us and all around us, it makes up the pigments of our children's dark brown eyes and is etched into the routine of the mundane of our day to day lives. Because that love is all I know, that love is my home.

That love is in all the words I do not say and in all the emotions that I portray. That love is in my anger, my sadness, my fear, my kindness, my happiness, my pride, my anxiety, my joy and my indignation, that love is in everything, because it is the reason for everything.

That love is every colour of the rainbow and why from the the first cry I knew I was just learning to love, I knew that love was going to be painful beyond measure, because it's so complicated, it's every emotion mixed into one. It's my past, present and future rolled into one. That love is where my demons hide, and where all my dreams thrive. That love, our love is everything, you are my everything, because love is everything.

They say love hurts, and now I know why.


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