I yearn to be free, to fly like a bird, to feel light, untied and unburdened, is that so absurd?

These feelings so heavy that weigh me down, tight chested, unrested, anxious, am I going to drown?

I want to feel free, feel secure to just be, to face the world as simply me.

I'm always held back by the voice so loud, give it up now, give in, and just follow the crowd.

But that's not me, I just want to feel free.

I want to feel free to live life in full colour, to breathe deeply, to live wholly, to run so wild.

There's nothing stopping me except what I think, these crippling feelings, like I'm about to sink.

When the waves come crashing upon my calm shores, how I yearn to be free, free as that bird that soars.

Some days the clouds start to clear, the sun starts to shine and steadies these frail nerves of mine.

How I want to feel free, to feel peace, to be, find the courage to live life and be honestly me.


If you'd like to go on your own journey of self-discovery and raise your woman within, but you're not sure how or where to start. Or if you're feeling overwhelmed by growing a business and raising a family, contact Holistic Health Coach and Raising Women's Founder Johanna Rossi to find out more about how you can #raiseyourwoman within.


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Raising Women the podcast is hosted by founder Johanna Rossi. She interviews inspirational women who share personal stories of self discovery through motherhood. Johanna hopes that each episode will be a source of inspiration and motivation to help you continue to raise your woman within.