Different is my Normal


I'm not sure when I noticed that I didn't really fit in,

I'm not sure when I noticed that uncomfortable feeling within,

I'm not sure when I took a side step, to avoid all those feelings that come when you don't feel like you fit,

It started with the conversation in my head, as I asked myself, "Why don't people get it"?,

"Is it me?", "Am I doing something wrong?", "Do I not understand?", and then after a while it hit, actually it's OK to not fit.

For me normal is 'different', whatever that might be, I just hope one day they will accept me, for me,

It does make life in some way harder, at times it feels a struggle, as you try to talk another language and end up in a non verbal inner battle,

Then comes the day when there is no other way but to live life in all your rainbow of colours, it's OK to not fit into the norm, that given, that everyone will comply to life's rules and not think, "Why?", it's OK to question, to search for more, to let that creative mind of yours soar.

If this all rings a bell, and you know how I feel, then you're no longer alone in your search to feel like you are coming home.

You are worth the journey, you are worth the wait, you are worth the time that it takes for someone to uncover the story that makes your heart ache. You and your million layers of different must the status quo break.

For it's people like you who are fully awake who will shine so much light on all that isn't quite right.

Don't hide your different, don't feel any less, don't put yourself in a corner and under so much stress, show your true colours, sing your heart's song, tell your story of belonging and help others to be strong.

For your normal is 'different' and your 'different' is normal, and without you this life would be terribly dull and awful.


If you'd like to go on your own journey of self-discovery and raise your woman within, but you're not sure how or where to start. Or if you're feeling overwhelmed by growing a business and raising a family, contact Holistic Health Coach and Raising Women's Founder Johanna Rossi to find out more about how you can #raiseyourwoman within.


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