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I'm Johanna, multipassionate mama of two. I'm an abstract artist and certified holistic health coach who likes to create and encourage others.

I am a #mumonamission to help other mums over come the barriers that stop them reconnecting with their authentic self, by inspiring them to restore their identity and self belief/confidence after baby. My mission through building this community and podcast, whilst pursuing my own creative path, is to encourage you to create a life that is filled with self defined freedom, flow & fulfilment. Hoping the stories I share inspire you to design a life in which you become better at being yourself.

Through my work I am striving to build a global community of like minded women that believes together we can make positive change in the world. Raising Women is very much a heart centered purpose driven business and I am very passionate about giving back.

You can read more about how Raising Women was born by clicking the link below.

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As a mother myself I understand the restraints of family life and know that our needs are often buried under every else's. We can often feel overwhelmed, lack motivation and start to lose confidence as we stumble to regain our identity after the changes that motherhood brings to our lives. As mothers our outlook to life and purpose changes.

The women I support and encourage are striving for financial independence (often driven my a desire to give back), they want to use their creativity, reach their potential, create work/life balance, they want create freedom in their work, and be recognised for being something other than a mum. Often these women are goal driven, want to feel purposeful, crave fulfilment and most of all a need to find their place in this world.

If you are interested in collaborating for a creative project, blog or Instagram post, the Raising Women community members are mostly aged between 25 – 34 years old, 8% Men and 92% Women. My largest reach is in the UK, closely followed by Canada.

Whether you are an established brand, or fellow creative who has a great idea and are looking to collaborate with me or would like to know more about Raising Women I'd love to hear from you!

I would love to hear from you!